The Industry Leader in MSD

Experts in Musculoskeletal Wellness,
Soft Tissue Illness Treatment and Prevention

Faculty & Advisors

WorkWell uses both Faculty and Advisors to develop our proprietary programs and protocols. Our Faculty and advisors represent world class healthcare professionals and consultants who are committed to the design, development and implementation of successful work injury/illness prevention and management systems.

National Faculty

  • Mark Blankespoor, PT, DPT
  • Dee Daley, PT, DPT
  • Tom Dunlap, PT
  • Laurie Johnson, PT
  • Steve McKenney, PT
  • Robin Peterson, PT, CEAS
  • Brent Webber, PT, CEAS II
  • Marc Yeager, PT

International Faculty

  • Detlev Kasprowski, MD
  • Michiel Reneman, PhD, PT
  • Gerhard Schnalke, PT
  • Heiko Wehe, PT