12:52 pm February 23, 2018

Employee Experience—the Big Win of On-Site Physical Therapy Services

Source: Matthew Byrne

Assessing factory work

The employee experience can make all the difference with workplace injury prevention.  Therapists providing on-site physical therapy create a completely different dynamic.  Employees receive immediate answers to questions like, “How bad is it?  Do I need to see a doctor?”  A personal approach to treatment creates relationships.  Employees feel more comfortable reaching out for injuries and even walking a therapist over to their work area for advice on movement.

In today’s competitive job market, more and more companies have taken the step of adding an on-site physical therapy program for 2 big reasons.

Reason #1: Earn trust with a great employee experience

By creating a personal approach to treatment, you’ll make a strong statement about employee care.  You’ll earn employee trust.  In fact, the Workers’ Compensation Institute (WCR) identified trust in the employer as a significant predictor for an injured worker’s likelihood to return to work after an injury.

Reason #2: Remove lost time with care at your site

The traditional approach to workplace injuries involves workers leaving the worksite for assessment and treatment.  The result—periods of lost worker time.  When you place therapists with workers, you win back lost time.

But what about expense, where to locate and time to manage the program?  The answers may surprise you.  The payback often pays for the program and more.  With a best-of-breed on-site program provider, the program will require little management time.

The best place to start?  Run the numbers using your data.  And check out more reasons to think about an on-site program: 8 Reasons to Consider On-Site Occupational and Physical Therapists.

As an expert in on-site programs, WorkWell can help you find the best path.  Contact us today.

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