12:37 pm January 29, 2018

Discover: Occupational and Physical Therapy Training Breakthrough

Source: Kristen Cederlind

TelecommunicationsWorkWell believes that every occupational and physical therapist should have easy access to our industry-standard training — which is why we’ve recently launched the Easy Train subscription service. It lets OTs and PTs everywhere take advantage of comprehensive online training and resources for one affordable monthly fee.

Because Easy Train has more benefits than we could cover in one blog post, we’ve created a brief Easy Train webinar that takes you through everything the program offers. You’ll be pleased to see how easily you can grow your career with our world-class training.

Easy Train incorporates all the excellence WorkWell training is known for: best practices, legally defensible/evidence-based services and a distinguished faculty. Which has resulted in a 10,000+ strong provider network across the country.

The Easy Train Webinar is well worth watching. Click here to get started.

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