4:37 am December 19, 2017

4 Ideas to Prevent Employee Strains and Sprains

Source: Marc Couch

HealthcareHere’s some surprising workplace injury prevention news. Musculoskeletal injuries make up the majority of workplace injuries, resulting in more spend than any other health condition. If you’re ready for some fresh ideas in 2018, check these out:

  • Implement job-specific programs such as micro-breaking and warm-ups to prevent injuries as well as optimize employee strength, flexibility and endurance
  • Initiate job coaching on self-management techniques and injury prevention to improve safety in job performance
  • Provide training in industrial ergonomics, including basic workplace instruction, what ergonomic components to offer and an analysis of an employee’s workspace
  • Add an on-site professional who can offer OSHA first aid/injury triage to reduce OSHA recordables

These programs may be easier to implement than you think. Learn how this Fortune 500 company reduced soft tissue injury claims by 59% with a fresh approach.

For a new approach as you start 2018, contact WorkWell today.


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