Pre-Hire to PreWork Screen Services

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Pre-hire to retire services to ensure you hire the right employee for the job.


WorkWell Provider Services offer proactive, early intervention and rehabilitation physical and occupational therapy solutions for injury/illness prevention and treatment to facilitate a safe and effective stay at work and return to work/other activities following an injury/illness. 

Functional Job Analysis (FJA)

FJA is the process of evaluating and empirically measuring the critical functional demands of the job. FJA involves assessing the employee, the work and the worksite.

Functional Job Description (FJD)

The FJD is developed based on the objective information that is gathered during the FJA.

PreWork Screening (PWS)

A post offer, pre-employment test (PreWork Screen) is performed to identify an applicant’s ability to perform the physical demands of a specific job.

Service Assurance:

  • Data Analysis
  • Research and science-based methodology
  • Accurate and current Functional Job Descriptions
  • Same day scheduling of services
  • Less than 72 hour resulting of test
  • Quality Control
  • Credentialed and Certified Medical Personnel
  • Analytics and Metrics