employer servicesHelping Employers Lower Risk and Reduce Cost through Workplace Injury Prevention

WorkWell helps you:

  • Hire people physically qualified to do the job
  • Teach employees to safely perform the job
  • Prevent injury through workplace ergonomic assessment
  • Support safe employee return to work

Services offered onsite or on project basis by licensed physical and occupational therapists.

A different approach—proactive prevention

The WorkWell philosophy emphasizes prevention to keep aches and pains from turning into claims.

  • Uses a scientific, evidence-based approach for hiring and training
  • Shifts the emphasis from treatment to prevention
  • Employs a proven methodology

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  • 25-50% reduction in soft tissue claims
  • Pre-hire ROI: 3:1 to 9:1
  • On-site ROI: 3:1 to 5:1

Benefits of the WorkWell approach

  • Minimize logistical challenges
  • Maximize quality of prevention/treatment
  • Control costs to maximize ROI
  • Optimize outcomes for employer and employee

Complimentary Claims Analysis

Contact us today for a complimentary return-on-investment projection. We’ll analyze your current claims to uncover improvement opportunities.

Employer Services

Post Offer Pre Employment Testing

Hiring the right employee

  1. Functional Job Analysis and Description

    Identifying and objectively measuring the critical physical demands of a job. Results in a written job description using a function job description template.

  2. PreWork Screening (PWS)

    Post offer pre-employment testing to identify an applicant’s ability to perform the physical demands of a specific job.

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WorkWell Prevention & Care - ProvenPROVEN
  • Research-based approach
  • Specially trained providers
WorkWell Prevention & Care - MeasurableMeasurable
  • Detailed pass/fail and service level reporting
  • ADA compliant
WorkWell Prevention & Care - ConvenientConvenient
  • Same day scheduling
  • Electronic results, less than 72 hours
  • Nationwide provider coverage
  • Electronic records

OnSite Prevention Services

Providing workplace injury prevention and care services for employees

  1. Early Intervention Screening and First Aid

    Employee screening and coaching on injury prevention concepts and self-management techniques to reduce reported discomfort and improve safe job performance.

  2. Workplace Ergonomic Assessment

    Therapist evaluation of the worksite and job tasks to identify and reduce future risks.

  3. Stretching Program

    Job-specific warm-up and micro-breaking programs to prevent injuries and optimize employee strength, flexibility and endurance.

  4. Workforce Education and Coaching

    Targeted instruction and practical strategies to increase the knowledge and problem-solving skills of employees at the worksite.

Interested in a customized model to meet your specific needs? Contact us today.

WorkWell Prevention & Care - ProvenPROVEN
  • Research-based approach
  • Multi-industry experience
WorkWell Prevention & Care - MeasurableMeasurable
  • Detailed outcome, client satisfaction and service level reporting
  • Electronic medical records enable process monitoring and improvement

Return to Work Services

Helping employees safely transition back to work through fit for work tests

  1. Return-to-Work Evaluation

    Fit for work testing to determine an employee's readiness for return to work/other activities performed prior to the physician's final release to work. The WorkFIT screen will determine whether the employee has the ability to safely perform all of the critical physical requirements of their job.

  2. Functional Capacity Evaluations

    A comprehensive functional test designed to measure the maximum safe functional abilities of an employee across a broad range of physical capabilities. An FCE is used to better understand complex cases, disability related, claims or for vocational rehabilitation planning.

To learn more about return-to-work testing, contact us today.

WorkWell Prevention & Care - ProvenPROVEN
  • Research-based approach
  • Specially trained providers
  • Multi-industry experience

OnSite Flex Fit

  1. A fresh approach to workplace injury prevention

    Earns employee trust, pays for itself

    What if you could treat employee injuries for less? And fund a prevention program with the savings? It’s possible. With a fresh approach to onsite services—WorkWell OnSite Flex Fit.

    • Creates employee engagement in injury prevention
    • Provides an industry first—a payback model based on research (70,000 PT visits, 5 years of field testing)
    • Uncovers the path to free injury prevention

    It’s easy. It’s thorough. It builds employee trust.

  2. A Culture Change in Occupational Health

    WorkWell OnSite Flex Fit transforms your program by emphasizing personal relationships between employees and physical therapists (PTs). When employees get to know onsite PTs, they engage in injury prevention:

    • Asking for help earlier to a familiar face
    • Reaching out for advice to prevent injuries, right at the job site
    • Appreciating convenience—faster treatment, faster answers

    You’ll build an employee experience that shows the company cares.

    Did you know?

    The Workers’ Compensation Institute (WCR) identified trust in the employer as a significant predictor for an injured worker’s likelihood to return to work after an injury.

  3. Injury Prevention for Free—New Research-Based Data Model

    Everyone is saying it. An onsite program will save you money. But where’s the proof?

    Learn more about this industry-first model

    WorkWell OnSite Flex Fit introduces an industry first—an onsite data model that uses real company data.

    • 70,000 visits and 5 years of field testing
    • Fee schedules, claims data, employer outcomes, clinical research and historical NCCI data

    Using your data, the model shows you the right mix of services to create a program that pays for itself.

    It’s a great way to build a business case … and find the best solution.

    • Personal relationships
    • Trust = ask for help
    • Convenience
    Care at
    • Faster care, less steps
    • PTs know workplace
    • Coaching advice onsite
    • Quicker return to work
    • Research-based data model
    • Scenarios using your data
    • Prevention for free benchmark

    Services include early intervention, treatment and physical therapy, screening, first aid, workplace ergonomics, stretching programs, workforce education and coaching.

  4. Get Started—Easy, 5-Step Process

    Once you provide the data, we take care of the work for you.

    • Step 1: Data preparation call
    • Step 2: Submission of your data to WorkWell
    • Step 3: Data entered into the model for analysis
    • Step 4: Report created based on model results
    • Step 5: Results presented by a WorkWell consultant

    You’ll have a ready-to-go presentation that can be shared with your team. Contact WorkWell today and let’s get started.

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