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Become a WorkWell Provider

When you join WorkWell’s Quality Provider (WQP) network, you stand out as an injury prevention and wellness expert and gain opportunities to expand your business and grow your skills.

WorkWell’s evidence-based solutions for matching workers and work allow you to provide leading edge wellness, prevention, early intervention and return to work services. WorkWell training enables providers to extend their current physical and occupational therapy programs, including:

  • PreWork Screens for employer clients and other industries
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations for insurers, employers and medical/legal
  • Functional Job Analysis for employers
  • On-Site and consulting opportunities
  • And much more

What you’ll gain:

  • Credibility and new revenue sources, including employer direct and cash-based
  • Expand skills and expertise with proven programs
  • Networking opportunities with peers
  • Consistent standard approach for testing, reporting and marketing
  • Legally defensible, research/evidence-based services
  • Clinical, technical and marketing support
  • Opportunities for employer and insurer accounts

WorkWell Provider Training Program- Better by Design

The industry’s most comprehensive training program, completely flexible to fit your needs.

  • Efficient—full training in 1-5 days
  • Robust—proprietary protocols, web-based software tools and support
  • Flexible program delivery—on-site, pre-scheduled, online
  • Research, evidence-based
  • Adheres to the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) FCE Recommended Practice Guidelines

Training Course Overview

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

16 contact hours

A comprehensive functional evaluation test to objectively measure the maximum safe functional abilities across a broad range of physical capabilities. Proven effective in workers compensation, fit for duty and disability cases

  • Standardized with a flexible design for customization
  • Short FCE, 2-part FCE, Job Specific FCE and modified formats
  • Kinesiophysical method and proprietary objective scoring criteria, reliable & valid
  • Web-based software, reports completed in 30 minutes

Advanced Functional Capacity Evaluation (AFCE)

8 contact hours

Focus on enhanced evaluation and decision making skills.

  • Active interchange with faculty and other experienced FCE Providers
  • Discussion of challenging FCE scenarios and report critique
  • Research updates and experiential exercises

* Requires experience with the WorkWell FCE.

Functional Job Analysis (FJA)

8 contact hours

Objectively quantifies, measures and categorizes the physical components of a job including the required movements, functions, forces, actions, and postures. Based on analysis of the worker, the work and the worksite.

  • Basis for a Functional Job Description
  • Needed for job specific functional rehab planning (Work Rehab)
  • Supports return-to-work decisions including vocational training and placement
  • Foundation for pre-work screening
  • Used for ergonomic recommendations and job coaching/early intervention

PreWork Screen (PWS) and WorkFIT Return to Work Screen

6 contact hours

Functional tests to determine an individual’s ability to safely perform the physical requirements of a specific job.

  • Job specific based on validated job descriptions
  • Dynamic functional movement approach
  • Represents the job as the job is performed
  • Compliant with ADA/EEOC and OSHA guidelines, non-discriminatory

Work Rehab (WR)

8 contact hours

A comprehensive, goal-oriented and job specific program that addresses the physical, functional, behavioral and vocational needs.

  • Work simulation, physical reconditioning, aerobic training and education
  • Identification of gaps in function and work task performance
  • Establishes target goals and clinical interventions
  • Inclusive—referral and intake process, functional job demands, functional testing, screening for psychosocial factors

Practical Strategies to Implement On-Site Services (On-Site)

8 contact hours

Program designed to help physical and occupational therapists gain knowledge and skills in preparing to deliver prevention, wellness and treatment services in the workplace.

  • Addresses the unique aspects of providing prevention and treatment services in the workplace
  • Templates for basic on-site service documentation
  • Policies and procedures overview
  • Group activities
  • Discussion of regulatory considerations

Ergonomics Analysis Courses: In-Person and On-Line

Introduction to Manufacturing Ergonomics for Health Care Professionals

6 contact hours

On-Line training on problem-solving for injury prevention and facilitating return to work planning.

  • Systematic approach to ergonomics analysis
  • Interactive lecture, practical tools and case studies
  • Tools: comprehensive manual, CD with all materials, video clips of ergonomic projects and before and after improvements
  • Assessment and reporting templates

Introduction to Office Ergonomics for Health Care Professionals

3 contact hours

On-Line training on performing office ergonomics analyses to generate reasonable and feasible recommendations.

  • Basics of office ergonomics
  • Components that make up a successful office workplace
  • Analysis and set up of office work space
  • Review of a case study
  • Assessment and reporting templates

Ergonomics Analysis for Health Care Professionals (Ergo)

8 contact hours

In-Person training on performing ergonomics analyses as a proactive risk analysis and intervention that will optimize return to work.

  • Systematic approach to ergonomics analysis
  • Class participation/Group activities
  • Tools: comprehensive manual, CD with all materials, video clips of ergonomic projects and before and after improvements
  • Assessment and reporting templates
  • Review of a case study
  • Assessment and reporting templates

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