Musculoskeletal Injury

The Industry Leader in MSD

WorkWell = Reduced costs, better employee predictability, healthier, happier employees

Why Workwell

We focus on prevention, early intervention and return to work/other activities solutions serviced by an international team of credentialed, WorkWell trained physical and occupational therapists. We customize programs and solutions to your particular needs.

Trained PT / OT

A Focus
On Results

  • Reduced costs
  • Better employee predictability
  • Better operational predictability
  • Healthier, happier employees

WorkWell Services Include

  • WorkWell has more than 20 years applying Physical and Occupational therapy to help employers.
  • WorkWell specializes in providing occupational and industrial therapeutic services giving WorkWell an expertise that fewer than 5% of other general medical service providers possess.
  • Extensive experience in a variety of industries gives WorkWell the unique ability to guarantee our on-site services results.
  • In an area that can be rife with expensive litigation for an employer, WorkWell is legally defensible. WorkWell has 20 years of providing services without being involved in any litigation or named as a defendant which provides peace of mind that our services conform to all ADA, OSHA and OFCCP regulations.
  • Inventor of the FCE, the ground-breaking evaluative tool that evaluates the physical requirements of a job.
  • The most comprehensive actuarially backed analytics and reports in the industry means you can be confident that our outcomes measurements are accurate.
  • Excellent network coverage through more than 10,000 therapists worldwide trained in our methodologies and servicing more than 5,100 employer sites worldwide ensures that we can service even your most remote locations.
  • An international research faculty that leads the field in the development of therapeutic best practices means you are getting the best of the best practices.
  • WorkWell preventative services address potential MSD injuries/illnesses before they occur - the most cost-effective way you can prevent expensive employee injuries/illnesses.
  • World class physician advisors and an international research team.