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Case Studies

  • Crete Carrier Corporation  Download

    Founded in 1966, Crete Carrier Corporation, along with operating division Shaffer Trucking and wholly-owned subsidiary Hunt Transportation, Inc., ranks as one of the largest privately owned trucking companies in the country, offering a full range of transportation services to its customers.

    Crete hired WorkWell systems in 2008 to design and implement a physical abilities testing (PAT) program into its hiring process.

    In 2011 Crete received a complaint from an applicant who failed the PAT alleging that the test was discriminatory. The applicant contacted the EEOC and the EEOC requested that Crete provide detailed information on how the PAT was developed and administered.

    “We wanted to accurately and promptly address both the EEOC’s and the applicant’s concerns with the PAT process” Tim Aschoff, Vice President of Risk Management & General Counsell

    Crete contacted WorkWell for advice and support in responding to the EEOC’s inquiry. WorkWell provided support to Crete in three ways:

    • Technical expertise - WorkWell made sure that Crete had and understood all the supporting documentation that detailed how the PAT was designed and administered.
    • Independent analysis - WorkWell hired a well respected consulting firm to review the PAT process and offer a written opinion on how the process conformed to Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection.
    • Legal advice – WorkWell’s Labor and employment counsel provided advice on how to best structure Crete’s response to the EEOC.

    The guidance, support and information provided by WorkWell assisted Crete in amicably resolving the EEOC matter in a timely and effective manner.

    “WorkWell was very responsive to our needs and provided us with the information and expert advice we needed to promptly and accurately address this issue.” Christopher C. Hilkemann, Assistant General Counsel