Advanced Functional Capacity Evaluation (AFCE)

Title: Advanced Functional Capacity Evaluation (AFCE)

Course Overview:
The WorkWell Advanced FCE course focuses on enhanced evaluation skills and critical thinking related to functional/performance based testing. The course work includes problem solving activities and collegial dialog with other WorkWell providers trained in functional capacity evaluation and a faculty member.   Participants have the opportunity to discuss challenging FCE scenarios, refine skills in group lab sessions, review recent/sentinel research in the area of functional capacity evaluation/ performance based tests and to critique sample FCE reports to help strengthen self-assessment and decision making.

This WorkWell 1-day program is delivered in a seminar format grounded in “participatory learning”- using an outline and planned material to drive reflection, discussion, and review in areas that participants commonly target for additional skill development, while also leaving flexibility to address group goals and experiential learning with the faculty.  While it is difficult to determine what each therapist would consider “advanced” level practice, the course requires participants to have enough experience with the WorkWell FCE that they are comfortable with the process of the FCE and can focus on higher level evaluative skills – generally a minimum of 10 to 20 FCEs, but clinicians also participate after performing hundreds of FCEs to refresh their skills and refine their problem solving abilities in a collaborative environment.

General Information: Additional course information
Faculty: Biographies
(Daley, Dunlap, McKenney)

Intended Audience:  Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Registered/Certified Kinesiologist (Canada)
Program Level (AOTA): Intermediate
AOTA Classification Categories: 1-Domain of OT, 2-Occupational Therapy Process
Prerequisites: Successful completion of the WorkWell FCE training and performance of a minimum of 10 FCEs
Delivery: Live, In-Person
Student Ratio:  15:1
General Teaching Method Overview:  Lecture, discussion, lab, group activities
Informed Consent: Yes
Duration:  1 day, 7 contact hours
Completion Requirements:  Attend all course sessions, class participation/engagement in learning activities including group activities