11:39 am March 22, 2018

Industry First-Workplace Injury Prevention that Pays for Itself

Source: Kevin Schmidt

The data proves it. An injury prevention program can pay for itself.

We’re proud to introduce an industry first for on-site workplace injury prevention. WorkWell OnSite Flex Fit empowers companies to treat employees for less and provide prevention for free. It’s a powerful combination of a unique data model and an emphasis on the employee experience.

We know it’s a strong claim. But it’s based on 5 years of field testing and 70,000 physical therapy visits to create the ultimate research-based data model. Now WorkWell can pinpoint the right mix of services for your workplace. The model uses the WorkWell book of business data (70,000 PT visits over a 5-year period), your claims data and NCCI/industry data and crunches the data to find the best solution.

There’s another equally important component to the service—building an employee experience that prevents injuries. The service emphasizes in-person relationships between employees and physical therapists (PTs). When employees can talk to a familiar face who knows the workplace, they feel more comfortable seeking help for injuries, asking for advice, taking a PT over to their work area for movement coaching and more. That adds up to a faster return to work and fewer injury claims.

WorkWell OnSite Flex Fit is easy. It’s thorough. It’s worth checking out. Learn more here or contact WorkWell today.

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