7:04 am January 3, 2019

Jumpstart 2019—Popular Workplace Injury Prevention Blog Posts

Source: Dawn Edwards

Happy New Year! To kick off your 2019 workplace injury prevention program, we thought these popular 2018 posts from our WorkWell blog could offer some great ideas.

Onsite programs continue to get attention.
Business Case: Statistics for an Onsite Injury Prevention Program

Onsite Therapy Services, Why Companies Choose for Workplace Injury Prevention

Data is important. So is vendor selection.
The Slow Growth of Big Data for Workplace Injury Prevention

Specialist or Generalist? Picking a Workplace Injury Prevention Partner

Employees matter.
New Report: Employee Experience and Workplace Injury Prevention

Returning to Work After an Injury: 5 Tips for Faster Results

To determine the best direction for your program, WorkWell’s data model can help. Field-tested for 5 years and 70,000 visits, the model can compare your company data with industry data to model what will work best for you. It’s a great way to optimize use of your budget. Contact WorkWell today for more information.

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