6:09 pm October 31, 2017

Need Stats on Soft Tissue Injury Costs for Workplace Injury Prevention?

Source: Cory Austin

AerospaceMusculoskeletal disorders (MSD) claims are an enormous cost burden for employers. These costs are composed of direct medical expenses for care and treatment as well as indirect costs related to loss of productivity from absenteeism.

Why are MSD (soft tissue injuries) so costly to employers?


  • Soft tissue injuries are the leading cause of workplace injuries and lost time
  • The average cost of a workplace injury/illness is $30,000
  • Approximately 35-50% of all workforce injuries are related to soft tissues
  • MSD injuries account for more healthcare spending than any other single health condition
  • MSD composes the largest single category of workplace injury, accounting for as many as 35% of all occupational injuries
  • MSD problems also result in a significant decrease in suboptimal workforce productivity due to health conditions (“presenteeism”)

These statistics, accompanied by a claims analysis, can help build a strong business case for pre-work screening, workplace ergonomics training and more. For tips, check out The Injury Diet–Your 6-Step Soft Tissue Injury Reduction Plan.  If we can help with a claims analysis, contact us today.

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