7:00 am July 10, 2017

OSHA Recordables—When to Document?

Source: Marc Couch


As we work with clients on reducing soft tissue injury claims, the topic of OSHA recordables often comes up.  To help risk, HR and safety managers with this important issue, we’re sharing a recent article from EHS Safety Online called OSHA Recordable Injuries–To Record or Not to Record—Here Are Some Answers.

The article outlined the following:

  • The many nuances in determining whether or not an injury is a legitimate OSHA recordable injury
  • Exceptions to employer recording requirements
  • Exemptions in certain industries
  • How to identify work-related injuries

The common FAQs at the end were also a treasure trove of good intel. Check out the article for great information.

Preventing injuries can reduce OSHA recordables.  If we can help, contact us today.

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