10:12 pm December 11, 2018

Pain, Pain Go Away: 3 Tips to Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Source: Kristen Cederlind

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is literally a pain point for many employers.  This painful condition, caused by nerve compression in the wrist due to performing repetitive or forceful tasks with the hands, can become disabling and costly if not addressed early.  The CDC recently released a report which surveyed seven years’ worth of California Workers’ Compensation data and summarized CTS incidence rates and occupational risks

Occupational categories noted to show the highest incidence rate of CTS included office and administrative support, food preparation and serving and assembly production.  Women were more likely to get CTS than men, and individuals between the ages of 35-54 years old age range represented over 50% of the reported CTS cases.

While the findings in this CDC report are not revolutionary, they do have some important implications.  Industries with high rates of CTS should implement preventive measures to decrease risk of CTS for their employees.  These 3 tips can be a starting point:

  1. CTS can often be prevented through use of job analysis or ergonomic assessments, which can lead to recommendations to make jobs safer.
  2. Eliminating awkward or static postures, developing tools or instruments to decrease force and repetition, and modifying job tasks or processes can lead to risk reduction and less discomfort for employees.
  3. Engaging onsite therapists can help make pain go away and prevent it before it starts. Not only can they provide first aid screening and care for employees experiencing aches and pains, they can also get out to the worksite and assist with job coaching, workplace warm-up and movement routines and ergonomic interventions.

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