10:44 am February 7, 2019

Workplace Injuries Infographic:
Offsite or Onsite Care Better?

Source: Marilyn Smith

An employee lifts a 50 lb. sack, and suddenly experiences back pain. What happens next can make a big difference in helping the employee, workplace productivity and time off for treatment.

Difference in Effectiveness

Both onsite and offsite care program offer advantages depending on the situation. However, there is a strong trend toward onsite care programs. Why?  Effectiveness through immediate treatment, a focus on prevention and on-the-spot coaching.

As the old cliché says: a picture tells a thousand words. This quick read infographic shows a side-by-side comparison of the steps for onsite and offsite care. If you’re considering an onsite program, it’s a great tool to help build a business case, share with others to show the impact or define steps to build your plan.

A Picture Tells a Thousand Words

Download this important infographic today. Since our specialty is implementing onsite injury prevention programs, we’re always ready to help with ideas on what works … and what doesn’t. Contact us today.

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