4:48 pm October 9, 2017

Workplace Injury Prevention Story—Fortune 500 Company Reduces Soft Tissue Claims by 59%

Source: Matthew Byrne

Assessing factory workThis Fortune 500 international manufacturing company was losing millions of dollars in claims annually. They needed to rein in the high frequency and severity of their soft tissue injuries with a new approach.

The company significantly reduced injury claims by deploying a prevention-based on-site health solution service with a physical therapist (PT) on site 20 hours per week in a clinic near the EH & S office/production area.


  • Reduced Worker’s Compensation costs—gross savings of over $500,000
  • Reduced impactable injuries—59% reduction year-over-year since 2014

To learn more,  check out the full case study.  Thinking about an on-site physical therapy program?  Contact us today for an assessment of your impactable claims.

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