6:06 am September 19, 2017

Comparing the Research on Disability Prevention Workplace Interventions

Source: Dee Daley, PT, DPT

The results of a year-long study on disability prevention workplace preventions were presented at the Improving Research of Employer Practices to Prevent Disability Conference.  The study identified that job modification, return to work coordination and organizational support can help improve return to work outcomes/prevent disability, there needs to be more specific clarity to tie these strategies to employer practices.  At an organizational level the beliefs and values of key stakeholders are key to making changes in organizational practices.

The study explored:

  • What are the predominant workplace interventions for evidence-based return to work in the scientific and grey literature?
  • How do evidenced-based interventions in the scientific literature compare to recommendations in the grey literature and feedback from an employer stakeholder panel?
  • Identifying and mitigating the intervention gaps and future research opportunities?
  • The study concluded that participatory approaches and organizational strategies may be needed to optimize results.

Review the full article to learn more: Workplace Interventions to Prevent Disability from Both the Scientific and Practice Perspectives: A comparison of Scientific Literature, Grey Literature and Stakeholder Observations


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