10:23 pm October 18, 2018

Employee Experience and Workplace Injury Prevention, WorkWell Recommendations Published by APTA

Source: Kristen Cederlind and Barb Herke-Smith

WorkWell is pleased to have contributed a featured article for the current issue of Impact, the journal of the American Physical Therapy Association’s Private Practice Section. As reported by our own experts Kristen Cederlind, OTR/L and Barb Herke-Smith, PT, providing physical therapy (PT) services onsite improves the employee experience, reducing injuries by engaging employees in workplace injury prevention.

The article makes an important connection between APTA’s 2017 official position on direct-to-employer population health services and the emergence of a corporate focus on the employee experience.  The employee experience emphasizes starting with the employee perspective when strengethening or assessing programs.  It’s something that PTs already naturally do when making ergonomic or modified work recommendations.  By having PTs onsite at the workplace, that role can expand as PTs gain trust as part of the team to help employees and employers benefit from in multiple ways.

As APTA noted, PTs who are integrated right into the workplace bring numerous benefits to employees and employers alike, such as:

  • Immediate triage for employees experiencing musculoskeletal discomfort
  • Early intervention that can prevent minor aches from becoming major workers compensation claims
  • Recommendations for improving the workplace and energizing the employee culture
  • Building relationships that encourage employees to participate in their own wellness

Creating a positive employee experience is at the heart of today’s successful workplaces and providing onsite workplace injury prevention helps employees feel valued and trusted. Click here to read this timely article, “Energize Your Workplace Injury Prevention Programs.” For more information about the employee experience and onsite PT programs contact WorkWell today.

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