12:13 am September 4, 2018

Making a Difference: the PT/OT Impact on the Employee Experience

Source: Barb Herke-Smith

PTs and OTs have a unique opportunity when partnering with employers to provide onsite care.  Companies have realized that what employees experience in the workplace plays a huge role in productivity, retention and even attracting new hires.  It’s called the employee experience and, when working onsite, therapists can play a huge role in impacting it.

In addition to providing first aid and/or treatment, you can easily visit the worksite to provide valuable job coaching, ergonomic assessments and job analysis.  These value-added interventions give employees a friendly advisor to turn to for help and positively impact injury prevention.  Therapists become a familiar face, integrated into the workplace processes.

Check out this great overview to learn how therapists can help employers reduce worker worries and fears related to injury, simply by providing onsite care.

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