1:27 am January 17, 2019

New Online Training Service at CSM

Source: Barb Herke-Smith

What a way to learn!  Physical therapy training.  At home.  In person.  Stop by WorkWell Booth # 1921 to check out WorkWell’s Easy  Train at CSM in Washington, DC.

The new affordable Easy Train, a monthly subscription program that offers courses (in-person and online), a provider resource center and ready-to-go tools. No high upfront fees. Only $79.95 per month (discount available for multiple sites & small practices).

Easy Train is incredibly convenient, whether you are training a new member of your team or need to catch up on certification.  It’s a great way to master today’s hottest services: onsite physical therapy services, ergonomics, prework screen, job analysis and more.

To learn more, save time and contact us today for an appointment.

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