12:07 am February 19, 2019

2019 Region IV ASSP
Stats Proving Onsite Injury Prevention Works

Source: Marilyn Smith

Use of onsite prevention is growing like crazy due to its track record of reducing injuries and recordables. If you’d like the data to help you make your business case, just stop by the WorkWell booth at ASSP in Savannah.

Onsite programs are shown to have much better outcomes that traditional physical therapy approaches — while helping avoid unnecessary medical care and treatment. WorkWell will be glad to share the studies with you that have shown:

  • 80% fewer workdays lost
  • 75% fewer PT treatments required
  • Initial treatment cost savings of $4700
  • Significantly better work function at the 3-month mark

What’s more, WorkWell’s exclusive data model can pinpoint exactly what you need using your own claims data. It’s been field-tested for 5 years and 70,000 therapy visits.

Whether you are putting together a business case or just starting your research, visit WorkWell at Booth #12 for more information.  (And if you’d like an advance look at these statistics, click here.)

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