4:38 am March 12, 2017

8 Reasons to Consider On-Site Occupational and Physical Therapists

Source: Cory Austin

If your organization is debating the merits of having occupational and physical therapists on-site, consider these 7 reasons to make an informed decision.

Reason #1: The Return-on-Investment
An analysis of the results you will experience often indicates a strong return-on-investment. At WorkWell, we’ve found that on-site services provide an average return-on-investment of 3:1 to 5:1.

Reason #2: Reducing the Cost of Claims
On-site services typically reduce the cost of impactable claims. Our results typically show a reduction of 25-50%.

Reason #3: Lowering the Number of Claims
Early intervention screening done immediately after an employee recognizes a soft tissue concern minimizes the likelihood that it will result in an injury claim and OSHA recordable.

Reason #4: Less Employee Time Away from Work
On-site therapies reduce the average employee’s time away from work. When therapists are on site, it eliminates the need for an employee to drive to and from an off-site facility for treatment. Our work with clients has reduced the average employee’s time away from work by 36% as well as a faster return to work.

Reason #5: Building Employee Trust Means Reduced Claims
Once employees build a relationship and trust with on-site physical therapists and occupational therapists, they are more likely to report a workplace discomfort or injury right after it has occurred. When therapists can address the symptoms with early intervention treatment, this also reduces the total claim cost and number of claims.

Reason #6: The Right Training Makes the Difference
Fewer than 10% of all U.S. physical and occupational therapists are trained to handle occupational injuries.  Choose a vendor with this special expertise.

Reason #7: Small Space Requirements Support the ROI
On-site clinics require very little floor space (as small as 8’ x 8’), which is often easily covered by the ROI projection.

Reason #8: Being Proactive Matters
Through proactive on-site training, coaching and education, including strengthening exercises and proper ergonomics, companies can get ahead of soft tissue injuries.

Did you know soft tissue injuries are the majority of workers’ compensation claims in the U.S.?

For more information on WorkWell’s on-site services, explore our brief video or contact us for a complimentary claims analysis.

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