10:45 pm August 29, 2018

At the CWC and Risk Conference: Discover a New Way to Prevent Injuries

Source: Dawn Edwards

If you’re coming to CWC and Risk Conference in California, we’d like to discuss a new way to approach workplace injury prevention.  You can completely change what’s happening with your program by starting from a new place: the employee perspective.

Injuries cause worries for employees—causing questions like “how badly am I hurt” and “can I work?”  When you build an experience that quickly responds to those worries, you gain a big win in trust and injury prevention.

A new report examines how to build an experience that will respond quickly to employee worries, offer a familiar face to turn to for advice and simplify “on the spot” ergonomics coaching right at the job site.  That translates into fewer injury claims.  And if an injury occurs, it means a faster return to work

It’s all supported by an industry-first data model to help you uncover how to fund a prevention program with savings on treatment.  The model, based on 5 years of field testing and 70,000 physical therapy visits, pinpoints the right mix of services for your workplace that will quickly pay for itself.

Stop by Booth TT43 at CWCRC to learn more about the model and request the white paper, “Hidden Opportunity: The Employee Experience and Workplace Injury Prevention.”  To save time, make an appointment today.

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