12:19 am May 15, 2019

Know the Difference –
Onsite Injury Care vs. Off-site Care

Source: Cory Austin

As onsite injury prevention programs grow in popularity, we are often asked about the difference between in-house onsite care and outside care.  Here are the basics.

Many Unknowns – Outside Clinical Care

Since providers at an off-site clinic don’t see employees in action at their jobs or have access to job descriptions, the first step is often asking questions.  It can slow down care.

  • Tell me about your job.
  • Can the job be changed?
  • How do you move?
  • Can your supervisor adapt your job?

Answers in Place – Onsite Care

Since a physical therapist is at your work site, they have observed your employees and know what their jobs entail.  There’s no delay in care to uncover information.

  • I have your job description.
  • Let me watch you work again.
  • I think this can be changed.
  • Let’s discuss ideas with your supervisor.

As a result, onsite care changes the entire employee experience. Employees talk to a familiar face vs. an unknown person.  And they can get early advice and coaching, which reduces the risk of injury and costs in general.  When an injury occurs, onsite care means less time away from work and speeds up return-to-work because of a more direct picture of the employee’s job.

If you are assessing onsite vs. offsite care, it’s also important to understand what the best fit is for an onsite clinic.  These characteristics result in the best success.

  • Labor type – heavy physical labor, repetitive work
  • Size/workforce make-up – greater than 100 employees, aging workforce
  • Organizational structure – centralized/concentrated work location (vs. multiple off-campus worksites)
  • Claim type, cost and frequency – impactable MSD vs. non-impactable injury claims, high average cost per impactable claim, higher incidence rate for MSD claims

The best place to start your assessment?  Contact WorkWell today and we’ll run your claims numbers through our data model (field-tested for 5 years, 70,000 visits) to uncover ROI.

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