12:32 pm February 27, 2019

Missed Safety Opportunity:
Use Physical Therapists in Engineering, Sales and More

Source: Brian Boyle

Have you created a silo with your workplace injury prevention program? In many cases, the safety team and onsite physical therapists (PTs) are grouped into one department. And candidly, that’s short-sighted. Onsite PTs have the knowledge and the tools to provide value throughout the organization. Here are few examples.

Help Engineers Increase Safety
For example, in a manufacturing setting, PTs can assist the engineers in making the workplace safer for the employees by implementing ergonomic standards and principles in the design of the production area. From assembly line to shipping, each step of the way, there may be room for improvements in the design of the workplace. All too often, engineers are focused on designing the equipment to make the product, while not necessarily attending to the design details that will keep employees safe by minimizing musculoskeletal risk factors.

Educate Sales on Workforce Impact
Another commonly overlooked department is the sales department. Since the sales team is often out selling, they usually don’t have insight into how sales may impact the workforce. By offering insight into the workforce, the pace of work, and what is healthy for the employees, it can help discourage overselling the capabilities of the company that has to deliver the results. For example, if mandatory overtime and/or increased production paces are instituted to keep up with demand based on sales, it could very easily lead to overuse musculoskeletal injuries in the workforce. PTs can help education the sales team on this impact, helping sales understand how this helps both their personal success and the company bottom line.

Using onsite PTs in educational roles offers big benefits for the company as a whole. For more insight on the business impact of PTs, register for this upcoming ErgoExpo webinar: Safety Plus Results: How the Right Physical Therapist Adds 7-Figures to the Bottom Line.

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