4:33 am February 7, 2017

Do Your New Hires Meet Physical Job Requirements?

Source: Marc Couch

Did you know that musculoskeletal injuries (MSD)—or soft-tissue injuries—account for nearly 50% of all occupational injuries? They are the largest single category of workplace injury, resulting in millions of dollars annually in healthcare costs and reduced productivity.

To proactively reduce injuries, there’s a question that companies need to assess. Do your new hires meet the physical job requirements?

To answer that question, there’s a systematic process you can put in place called a pre-hire screening.  It includes:

  • An analysis of the job that identifies and objectively measures the physical demands of the job
  • A resulting functional job description that defines what the position needs
  • A post offer, pre-hire assessment to identify an applicant’s ability to perform the job

The average ROI for a pre-work screening is 3:1 to 9:1, but those savings double when you consider the indirect costs associated with employees not getting injured on the job.

We do a painstakingly realistic simulation of your workers’ job tasks to ensure your employees are right for the job, saving your company time and money. We tell the applicant if they’ve passed or failed at the end of the pre-hire screen and provide our clients with same-day results.

To learn more about WorkWell’s Pre-Hire Services, watch this video or contact us today for a complimentary assessment.

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