2:11 am September 21, 2019

New Needs, Today’s Workforce –
It’s Time to Rethink Injury Prevention

Source: Cory Austin

Specific industries have specific challenges.  Food safety in the food industry.  Rapid change in the paper industry.  Constant technology advances in semiconductor.  Environmental concerns in plastics and rubber.  Waste management in the steel industry.

One thing every industry has in common? The need to prevent injuries, whether it’s from repetitive lifting, working with big equipment or fast-paced shifts.  Sprains and strains increase expense as healthcare costs continue to rise.  Plus, taking care of employees is good for business, good for people and good for the country.

Modern Workforce – 5 Generations, Same Time

But taking care of employees has become more complicated because an important change.  For the first time, the workforce includes 5 generations.  Today’s injury prevention programs need to offer a wide range of coverage, from the boomer with aches and pains to a millennial looking for convenient advice and help.

To respond to the needs of the modern workforce, many companies have turned to a new approach – onsite injury prevention.

The program involves putting a physical therapist (PT) or team of PTs at company worksites.  The PTs play a different role than an onsite nurse or athletic trainer, since they are trained to provide first aid and injury treatment as well how to prevent injuries.  As the PT walks around and gets to know your team, employees enjoy being able to ask a familiar face for help or advice on how to move to prevent injuries.  This personal touch adapts much more easily to different employee needs than sending employees off-site for assistance.

Onsite Care – Small Footprint, Proven Results

Here are some important things to know about an onsite injury prevention program.

  • It only takes an 8×10 space to create an onsite clinic.  Equipment is minimal.
  • It works. Studies show:80% fewer workdays lost, 75% fewer PT treatments required, initial treatment cost savings of $4,700 per claim and significantly better work function at the 3-month mark.
  • An experienced vendor can take care of the whole program for you. That includes reporting on results.
  • It can help you with recruiting and retaining employees. The program creates a warm and caring employee experience and provides convenience employees enjoy.

Download this case study to learn more.  If you’re building your 2020 plan, we can help.  Contact WorkWell today.

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