12:44 pm February 27, 2019

Ohio Safety Conference:
The Real Data Behind Onsite Injury Prevention

Source: Cory Austin

Even though more and more companies are using onsite workplace injury prevention programs, you have to ask a big question: is it right for my company?

Stop by the WorkWell booth #1049 at the Ohio Safety Conference and we’ll help you find the answer.

We can direct you to studies about onsite programs: treatment cost savings of $4,700, 75% fewer PT treatments required and more.

And we can help you explore the fit for your company. WorkWell’s onsite data model, based on 5 years of testing and 70,000 physical therapy visits, will compare your data with industry data to identify specifically what will work for you. For many companies, it even leads to “no cost” injury prevention, shifting dollars from treatment to prevention.

To set up a meeting in advance, contact us today. Whether you are building a business case or doing initial research, we can help.

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