12:45 am November 26, 2019

Onsite Physical Therapists Add Big
Value to Safety Teams

Source: Andrew Mack

As part of a workplace safety program, onsite physical therapists (PT) can offer big wins in prevention. These valuable professionals evaluate workspaces to assess injury risk, provide ergonomic advice to create comfort and offer job coaching to get ahead of injuries.  Under the watchful eye of the safety team, including your onsite therapist, you can really make a difference for employees and your company.

Avoid pain – enlist the help of a PT
Therapists have strong backgrounds and training in musculoskeletal injury diagnosis, prevention and rehabilitation after an injury has occurred. PTs, in short, are experts in movement and movement-related disorders which allows them to use their background to screen individuals for pain/discomfort and then provide first aid or corrective exercises as needed. Through the use of pain-relieving modalities, therapists can help reduce work-related discomfort before it gets to the pain level.

Get to the root – PTs are trained to find the source
Therapists are also trained in looking for and finding the root cause of any symptoms, so they are dealing with the problem and not just managing any symptoms if they occur. In addition, they are trained in exercise design and application, which will empower the employee to take charge of his or her health and exercise correctly.  That means both quicker recovery as well as avoiding injury altogether.

WorkWell has trained over 10,000 therapists in our proven injury prevention program.  If you’d like additional insights on PTs or even information for 2020 planning, contact us today.

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