12:39 am July 25, 2019

OSHA Announces Safe and Sound Week
for Workplace Injury Prevention

Source: Dawn Edwards

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) recently announced its annual Safe and Sound Week, held from August 12-18, 2019.  The program focuses on keeping America’s workers safe through proactive identification and management of workplace hazards.  By getting ahead of injuries, companies promote worker health, increase sustainability and impact the bottom line.

To proactively prevent injuries, many companies are adopting a fresh approach: creating an onsite injury prevention program.  Here’s why.

Proven Results

Based on research studies, results include 80% fewer workdays lost and 75% fewer PT treatments required.  Typically, companies can experience an average return on investment of 3:1 to 5:1 when they institute onsite injury prevention. The average employee’s time away from work can be reduced by as much as 36%, through early intervention treatment which eliminates the need to travel to an off-site facility.

Familiar Faces – Easier to Ask for Help

Onsite PTs become familiar, trusted faces to workers and are quickly accepted as full-fledged team members. As workers build relationships with PTs, they become comfortable asking for help and advice early on; most often when a small treatment can take quick care of workplace discomfort before it turns into a debilitating injury. What’s more, PTs will notice when workers are having issues and can walk over to their stations with on-the-spot suggestions. All this can help reduce both the number of claims and the total annual claim cost.

Minimal Investment

Best of all, it doesn’t take a huge investment of either finances or real estate to have an onsite clinic. Very little floor space is required; an area as small as 8’ x 10’ will do fine.

To see how easily you can bring an onsite injury prevention program to your own workplace, try WorkWell’s unique data model (field tested for 5 years, 70,000 visits).  It compares your claims data to industry results to pinpoint exactly what services you need.  Contact WorkWell today.

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