8:10 am June 14, 2017

Risk: Outdated Functional Job Descriptions

Source: Cory Austin

“Whew, done!” That was probably your reaction the last time you updated your functional job descriptions (FJDs). However, if you haven’t reviewed these important descriptions regularly, your company may be open to risk from worker’s compensation claims and EEOC grievances.

Product changes, equipment revisions…they all impact how employees do the physical tasks of their jobs. The FJDs for the job prior to the product or equipment change may no longer be valid. This can result in employees being physically mismatched for their new job requirements. The likelihood of soft tissue injuries (currently comprising 35-50% of all workplace injuries) is heightened when the pre-work screenings are no longer valid. Once those FJDs start falling through the cracks, it creates a fresh liability for HR, risk management and legal.

We have laid out five strong reasons to update your FJDs in our new article, 5 Dangers of Outdated Functional Job Descriptions.   Download it today.

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