4:07 am October 24, 2019

PPS 2019 Annual Conference:
Grow your PT business with Onsite Services

Source: Barb Herke-Smith

Onsite prevention works and is getting rave reviews from employers, employees and physical therapists. Visit WorkWell Booth #517 at the Private Practice Section 2019 Annual Conference & Exhibition to learn more about proven training to expand your services.

Don’t miss this opportunity to deliver leading edge wellness, prevention, early intervention and return to work services.

Stand out as an injury prevention and wellness expert with the help of WorkWell’s training.  Extend your current physical and occupational therapy programs, and with WorkWell evidence-based solutions you’ll gain serious advantages.

  • Use a legally defensible approach
  • Offer new services
  • Increase reimbursements

With WorkWell training, you’ll learn to reduce workplace injuries, facilitate appropriate return to work, participate on ergonomics and safety teams, and help confront an aging workforce.

Physical therapists see the win-win benefits of onsite programs. “I feel that off-site patients often struggle because the workers comp system is not what they need. On site, we can provide early reassurance, guidance for action, and a supportive workplace.”

Other therapists are in agreement, “It is so superior to interact with employees in the space where they work and in the exact tasks they have problems with, instead of a mimicked scenario in the clinic.”

Efficient, robust and flexible, WorkWell training is proven and practical. There is value in onsite health and prevention services, post-injury treatment and disability management. Physical therapists are critical to the success of those services.

Stop by WorkWell Booth #517 at the Private Practice Section 2019 Annual Conference in Orlando on October 30 –November 2 to learn more and start your training! Contact us today at WorkWell!

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