4:04 am June 6, 2019

Safety 2019 – Does Onsite Injury Prevention Work?

Source: Dawn Edwards

If an onsite injury prevention program is on your radar, you can find out the facts behind what works and what doesn’t from WorkWell Prevention and Care (booth #1701) during Safety 2019.

Onsite injury care continues to grow in popularity due to powerful results.  Benefits include:

  1. The data says it works: 80% fewer workdays lost, 75% fewer PT treatments required and faster return to work
  2. It requires less space than you think – 8 ft. x 10 ft.
  3. You’ll engage employees – an onsite physical therapist (PT) becomes a familiar face for advice and help
  4. Time away from work for outside doctor and PT visits decrease – help is right at the workplace
  5. Injury prevention coaching occurs right at your worksite – ergonomic and prevention tips

The best results occur in these scenarios:

  • Labor type – heavy physical labor, repetitive work, high strains & sprains
  • Size/workforce make-up – greater than 100 employees, aging workforce
  • Millennial entry into the workforce – convenient care onsite, coaching to avoid injury
  • Organizational structure – centralized/concentrated work location
  • Claim type, cost and frequency – impactable soft tissue claims, high average cost per claim, high incidence rate for soft tissue claims

To learn more, stop by the WorkWell booth #1701 and we can share our experience with what works and what doesn’t.  We can also run your claims numbers through our data model (field-tested for 5 years, 70,000 visits) to uncover ROI.   Save time and set up an appointment today.

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