12:39 am August 31, 2019

Semiconductor Company Reduces Injury
Claims by 40% with Onsite Injury Prevention Program

Source: WorkWell

WaferTech, a leader in semiconductor foundry manufacturing, experienced a 40% drop in workers’ compensation claims by bringing physical therapists onsite through WorkWell.  Read the full story.

“WorkWell’s onsite program made a difference in keeping our employees physically here. That’s a direct result of the convenience of having the therapists onsite as well as the  high trust relationships the therapists have built with employees.”

Rebecca Halley, WaferTech


WaferTech’s Challenges

  • Engaging employees in reducing injuries
  • Decreasing the time employees spend away from work
  • Reducing rising workers’ compensation costs
  • Lowering soft tissue injury claims

WaferTech’s Results

  • High employee use and trust in onsite physical therapists
  • Faster, onsite treatment of injuries
  • Drop in employee time off for injuries
  • 40% drop in workers’ compensation claims
  • Low maintenance, efficient program
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