10:56 pm October 5, 2018

Why Your Onsite Physical Therapist Is More than Just Your Personal Trainer

Source: Brian Boyle

Onsite therapy services are becoming more prevalent at employers, but it may still be a little confusing as to what these providers can offer. One frequently asked question is, “How is the onsite therapist different from a personal trainer?” While it is easy to equate an onsite therapist to being like a personal trainer, there are a few key differences which distinguish therapists from personal trainers.

While both therapists and trainers have backgrounds in exercise design and application, therapists also have a strong background and training in musculoskeletal injury diagnosis, prevention, and rehabilitation after an injury has occurred. Physical therapists, in short, are experts in movement and movement-related disorders which allows them to use their background to screen individuals for pain/discomfort and then provide first aid or corrective exercises as needed. Through the use of pain-relieving modalities, therapists can help reduce work-related discomfort before it gets to the pain level. Therapists are also trained in looking for and finding the root cause of any symptoms, so they are dealing with the problem and not just managing any symptoms if they occur.

Other services onsite therapists can provide are assessing a workspace to assess risk in order to prevent injuries from occurring, provide ergonomic advice to create more comfort and job coaching to create efficiency while working. We all know accidents happen. But under the watchful eye of the safety team, including your onsite therapist, accidents are less likely to happen and those that do are typically less harmful overall.

While the focus, helping the employee, may be the same, onsite therapists and personal trainers are actually quite different. If you would like more information about onsite therapy or some of the services therapists can provide, please feel free to reach out to WorkWell.

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