Ergonomics:  Beyond the Traditional Office Workstation

Title: Ergonomics:  Beyond the Traditional Office Workstation

In our world of technological connectedness, the ability to complete work outside of a traditional office setting is more available than ever before.  Workers can be productive just about anywhere – from the airport to airplanes, from the coffee shop to the car, and more.  The mobile workforce, however, is not immune to musculoskeletal issues.  Course provides considerations for mobile office ergonomics to help participants generate reasonable ergonomic recommendations for the on-the-go population.

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Intended Audience: Licensed professionals ‐ Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist Assistant, Occupational Therapist Assistant, Athletic Trainer, Physician, Physician Assistant, Chiropractor, Occupational Health Nurse. Certified/Registered Kinesiologist, Exercise Physiologist or Case Manager. Consideration of other health/safety personnel based on space and background.
Prerequisites: Licensure or registration information if seeking a certificate of completion.
Delivery: Online
Student Ratio: 15 to 20:1
General Teaching Method Overview: Webinar lecture, in-class case studies/tests
Informed Consent: No
Duration: 2.25 hours class time
Contact time:  2 hours
Completion Requirements: Attend entire session, class participation/engagement in learning activities
Required Items: Computer/internet connection, phone.