General Course Information

Non Discrimination
WorkWell is committed to accessibility and non-discrimination in professional development activities. WorkWell complies with laws and rules regarding discrimination relevant to learning activities and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religious affiliation, sex, gender, disability, military status, sexual orientation or age.

Participants who have special needs are encouraged to contact WorkWell so that reasonable efforts to accommodate these needs can be made.

Participation Attendance Policy
Participation in the entire training is Mandatory. Registrants who arrive late or miss portions of the workshop will NOT be eligible for certificate or refund. WorkWell wants to ensure a suitable learning environment and conditions free from distraction to optimize participation.

Brief delays in arrival or brief break extensions which do not impact learning assessment activities may be considered by faculty in extraordinary circumstances provided the participant discusses this with the faculty and the material covered during the participant can be covered during a successive break. This is solely at the discretion of the faculty and relevant notations of attendance variance will be noted on the attendance log- there will be no alteration in performance or learning assessment activity expectations.

Participants pulled away from training for extraordinary circumstances or more than brief durations may not be able to devote their attention to the learning experience and may ask or be asked to complete training at another time at their travel expense. Registrants will be credited for partial time and activities successfully completed with specific attendance time noted on a Letter of Attendance. Partial attendance will serve as credit towards course certificate if materials are completed within 6 months. Information and arrangements for training available to supplement partial attendance can be and can facilitated through the Program Chair, Director of Clinical Practice, Vice President of Clinical Services and the Administrative Coordinator.

Certificates of Completion/Letter of Attendance
Certificates of completion will only be provided to individuals who meet the course requirements and attend all training sessions. Individuals who do not complete the training sessions will not be eligible for certificates of completion. In some instances where attendees are auditing the course for informational purposes (versus clinical use), a letter of attendance may be provided to demonstrate sessions/duration attended for time accounting purposes only. The letter of attendance is not meant to convey the attendee has met the criteria for successful completion of the training or clinical competence.

WorkWell has some degree of financial and non-financial relationships with providers through our business model. WorkWell focuses sales of services on predominantly national companies and not on local corporations, contracting with provider groups instead of operating a brick and mortar operation business model. While contracting with providers and facilities that employ clinicians trained by WorkWell allows WorkWell to have a basic understanding of quality of site service provision, there is no exclusivity requirement against sites participating in training from other vendors, nor any requirement to accept work on individual contract/s. WorkWell also does contract with providers who have not been formally trained by WorkWell to meet basic service provision such as performance of standardized post offer testing, provided the testing protocol is strictly defined and the providers have skills, training or experience to complete the limited work scope (with a manual and training for consistency of performance).

WorkWell has a commercial interest in both delivering educational programs (to various healthcare and safety oriented individuals), and delivering prevention and work disability rehabilitation/management programs (generally to employers).

Clinics who foster local employer contracts and seek to expand the footprint of those contracts may negotiate with WorkWell to help leverage resources and/or partner to expand, grow and execute regional or national contracts. There is not an implied or specific promise of additional contracting or business opportunities related to participant attending educational programs.

WorkWell offers FCE and work analysis equipment for sale to providers which meet designated safety standards/consultant measurement needs. Providers have the option to seek appropriate equipment described in the equipment list/s from any vendor.

Copyright Information 

WorkWell Prevention & Care (WWPC) services are copyrighted and proprietary intellectual material owned by WorkWell Prevention & Care.  The manual, training and accompanying formats are copyrighted by and the exclusive property of WorkWell Prevention & Care. WorkWell Prevention & Care has registered its copyright for each program with the United States Copyright Office.

Any unauthorized copying of such materials will constitute an act of copyright infringement for which WorkWell Prevention & Care may be entitled to recover statutory damages, attorney’s fees and injunctive relief, as well as actual damages.  WorkWell Prevention & Care will seek to protect and enforce its exclusive rights under all applicable federal and state laws, including US Copyright law.

Any questions with respect to the information contained in this Notice should be directed to:

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