employer services OnSite Prevention

OnSite Prevention Services

Providing workplace injury prevention and care services for employees

  1. Early Intervention Screening and First Aid

    Employee screening and coaching on injury prevention concepts and self-management techniques to reduce reported discomfort and improve safe job performance.

  2. Workplace Ergonomic Assessment

    Therapist evaluation of the worksite and job tasks to identify and reduce future risks.

  3. Stretching Program

    Job-specific warm-up and micro-breaking programs to prevent injuries and optimize employee strength, flexibility and endurance.

  4. Workforce Education and Coaching

    Targeted instruction and practical strategies to increase the knowledge and problem-solving skills of employees at the worksite.

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WorkWell Prevention & Care - ProvenPROVEN
  • Research-based approach
  • Multi-industry experience
WorkWell Prevention & Care - MeasurableMeasurable
  • Detailed outcome, client satisfaction and service level reporting
  • Electronic medical records enable process monitoring and improvement