OnSite Services: Fundamentals of Value and Scope (Part I) (Online)

Title: OnSite Services: Fundamentals of Value and Scope (Part I) (Online)

Course Overview
Employers are seeing the value of offering onsite services for occupational health, prevention services, post-injury treatment, and disability management.  Physical and occupational therapists can be key providers in these initiatives and instrumental in setting up programs to address workplace needs of reducing workplace injuries, facilitating appropriate return to work, promoting population health, participating on ergonomics and safety teams, and helping confront an aging workforce.  OnSite Services: Fundamentals of Value and Scope is a 4-hour online course outlining the factors driving workplace service provision, situations where these clinics are beneficial, planning for success and demonstrating value at both individual and organizational levels.

General Information: Additional course information
(Cederlind, Daley, Paddock, Peterson, Yeager)

Intended Audience:
Primary audience is Physical and Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapist Assistants, and Occupational Therapist Assistants, although content may be relevant to other licensed healthcare professionals who may also work in onsite settings where they work directly with employers/employees (such as Occupational Health Nurses, Physician Assistants, Registered/Certified KINs-Canada, Athletic Trainers, Case Managers) who can receive a certificate of completion if they complete the program requirements.  Licensure or registration information is a prerequisite if seeking a certificate of completion. Other attendees such as non-licensed health and wellness providers, sales and marketing or administrative professionals may also attend (if they accompany licensed health providers) and receive a letter of attendance.
Program Level (AOTA): Introductory
AOTA Classification Category: 2 – Occupational Therapy Process
Prerequisites: Licensure or registration information if seeking a certificate of completion, download course materials from link sent via email prior to training
Delivery: Online
Student Ratio:  15 to 20:1
General Teaching Method Overview:  Webinar lecture, group activities, interactive case scenarios
Informed Consent: No
Duration:  4 Hours, 3.75 contact hours
Completion Requirements:  Attend all course sessions, class participation/engagement in learning activities including group activities