Practical Strategies to Implement On-Site Services (On-Site)

Title: Practical Strategies to Implement On-Site Services

Course Overview:
Employers are seeing the value of offering on-site services for occupational health, prevention services, post-injury treatment, and disability management.  Physical and occupational therapists can be key providers in these initiatives and instrumental in setting up programs to address workplace needs of reducing workplace injuries, facilitating appropriate return to work, promoting population health, participating on ergonomics and safety teams, and helping confront an aging workforce.  WorkWell’s Practical Strategies to Implement On-Site Services course addresses some of the unique aspects of providing prevention and treatment services in an on-site model—including the factors driving workplace service provision, situations where these clinics are beneficial, logistics, planning for success and demonstrating value at both individual and organizational levels.

This 1 day program is designed to help physical and occupational therapists gain knowledge and skills in preparing to deliver prevention, wellness and treatment services in the workplace.  In addition to a training manual, resource materials include templates for basic on-site service documentation and a policies and procedures overview.  Several group activities will help participants apply the information from the training, and there will be discussion of regulatory considerations in this field.  There is a post course test (must pass with a score of 80% or more for course certificate).

Intended Audience: Primary audience is the Physical and Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist Assistant, and Occupational Therapist Assistant, although content may be relevant to other licensed healthcare professionals who can receive a certificate of completion if they complete the program requirements.  Other attendees such as non licensed health and wellness providers, sales and marketing or administrative personnel involved in onsite service delivery may also attend and receive a letter of attendance (if they accompany licensed health providers).

General Information: Additional course information
Faculty: Biographies
(Blankespoor, Cederlind, Daley, Paddock, Peterson)

Delivery: Live, In-Person
Student Ratio:15 to 20:1
General Teaching Method Overview: Lecture, group activities
Informed Consent: Not required
Duration: 1 day
Requirements for Completion:  Attend all course sessions, class participation/engagement in learning activities including group activities, post test score of 80% or more, and completion of course evaluation.

(Format changing in 2018)