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Post Offer Employment Testing and Functional Job Descriptions help to ensure your employment candidates can safely do the job.

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Make an informed hiring decision based on evidence-based, compliant information from trained medical professionals.


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Functional Job Analysis

POET begins with a functional job analysis (FJA) which is the process of evaluating and empirically measuring the critical functional demand of a job. FJA involves assessing the employee, the work, and the worksite. The FJA identifies a job’s essential functions, marginal functions, critical demands, and worksite measurements such as weight/force, distance, repetitions, clothing, and tools/equipment required.

The process includes:

  • Interviewing employees who perform the job
  • Interviewing supervisors/employer representatives who supervise workers and understand the job.
  • Watching the job being performed.
  • Taking all appropriate measurements

The analysis results in a Functional Job Description (FJD). The information in the Functional Job Description is intended to determine the minimum physical requirements necessary to safely perform work duties.


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POET Testing

POET is the post-offer/pre-hire physical abilities examination that tests the employment candidate’s ability to perform the physical aspects defined by the functional job description. The job is contingent on passing POET and takes approximately 30 minutes to perform. Testing may include items such as:

  • Lifting and carrying
  • Pushing, pulling, and gripping
  • Bending and reaching
  • Climbing, walking, and balancing



Informed hiring decisions

Decreased Work-1

Decreased work-related injuries

Lower Workers

Lower workers’ compensation costs—by 50%

Right Workers

Increased productivity by hiring the right workers

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