A great example of how WorkWell programs can be used successfully

A great example of how WorkWell programs can be used successfully

WQP: Mark Blankespoor
Company: Work Systems Rehab
Location: Des Moines and Oskaloosa, Iowa




Work Systems Rehab & Fitness is a private practice that has been a WorkWell provider since 1998.  Mark Blankespoor, PT, owner of Work Systems Rehab & Fitness, states that the company started as a consulting firm that offered onsite/mobile FCEs, FJA, and ergonomics.  The company has grown to include a clinical staff of 9 PTs, 2 OTs, 1 PTA, 1 ATC, and several support staff and now operates out of offices in Pella, Des Moines and Oskaloosa, Iowa.   All clinical staff members are trained in various WorkWell programs (FCE, FJA, FJD, PWS, WR, and Ergonomics).

Work injury management services are a significant segment of Work Systems Rehab & Fitness’s business.  Principal services provided to area businesses include FCE, ergonomic analysis for injury prevention, FJA for establishing work rehabilitation goals, and onsite ergonomics education.

Chief employer customers of Work Systems Rehab & Fitness include a window manufacturer (windows for residential and commercial applications), an agricultural equipment manufacturer, and a manufacturer of industrial equipment.  They also work with financial institutions and a variety of departments in 20 to 25 city and county governments.  Their customers state they appreciate Work Systems’ focus on function as well as their multifaceted services which include PWS, acute treatment, work conditioning, FCE, and ergonomics education.  They report reductions in injuries and their related costs and increased work efficiency as a result of their involvement with Work Systems Rehab & Fitness.

Referrals to Work Systems Rehab & Fitness come from case managers, employers, medical providers, and attorneys.  Approximately 30% of their acute care referrals are self-referrals through word of mouth advertising.  Mark Blankespoor states that Work Systems Rehab & Fitness actively markets their services by giving presentations at professional conferences including the Workers’ Compensation Commission Conference and a regional orthopedic physician group conference.  They also host work injury management seminars for case managers, safety professionals, employee health nurses and other medical professionals, employer representatives, and PTs and OTs.  Mark also notes that he and his colleagues have developed good working relationships with attorneys who refer their own clients to Work Systems Rehab & Fitness for appropriate services.

Work Systems Rehab & Fitness is another great example of how WorkWell programs can be used successfully to provide health and financial benefits to area employers.  Great job, Work Systems Rehab & Fitness!

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