One of WorkWell’s longest tenured providers

One of WorkWell’s longest tenured providers.

WQP: Emily Blaskey
Company: St. Joseph’s Hospital
Location: Chippewa Falls, WI




St. Joseph’s Hospital, Chippewa Falls, WI, is one of WorkWell’s longest tenured providers.

Throughout the years, St. Joseph’s has had 3 to 5 Physical Therapists, Physical Therapist Assistants, Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Assistants trained in one or more of the WorkWell (WW) Programs: Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE), Functional Job Analysis/Functional Job Description (FJA/FJD)and PreWork Screen (PWS). Currently they have two full time and two part-time staff members involved with WW programs.

Using the WorkWell programs internally at St. Joseph’s, including PWS, was an important first step to their providing these services to their community and local employers.   Injury prevention through low-lift and no-lift policies, Flex and Stretch Programs and access to their Early Intervention Programs are also part of the risk management services and strategies they offer.

St. Joseph’s has a full time marketing professional who is devoted to marketing Occupational Health and Medicine Services.  WW programs have provided the base for these services with proven satisfaction and success. As a result,  the administrators of St. Joseph’s Hospital and its sister hospital, Sacred Heart Hospital in nearby Eau Claire, have  positioned  themselves as leaders in providing Occupational Health and Medicine Services.  The hospital now has an entire Occupational Health department with a director, a marketing person, medical director, an RN and NP as well as various staff members.  In essence, WorkWell was a part of the impetus to create a newly configured department with expanded services.

St. Joseph’s employer clients include TTM Technologies, one of the largest computer circuitry board companies in North America, and Nestle, the largest food corporation in the world.  They  also provide services to a wide variety of business sectors including metal manufacturing, tool and die, extruded plastics, dairy/cheese making, local county government, window and door manufacturing, tax and accounting, cardboard packaging, beer distribution, ethanol production, and sand transportation.

These clients show their satisfaction in the services they receive by using the hospital not only for Occupational Health and Medicine services, but for many other services, as well.  Those employees who do become injured receive acute care in St. Joseph’s rehab services department and are managed by their Occupational Health and Medicine Department.

Many of the Occupational Health referrals come to St. Joseph’s from companies with whom they have longstanding relationships, many they have worked with for over 25 years.   More recent referrals are the result of the work being done by their full time marketing professional.  They receive FCE referrals from WW, local physicians, and attorneys.   In addition, WW has referred FCEs and PWS for employers with whom they are associated.  These companies include Sara Lee, Enbridge, AmeriGas, CEVA Logistics, Veolia, and Ecolab.  Chippewa Sand Transport, a relatively new company associated with a sand mining business, recently approached St. Joseph’s to develop PreWork Screens.  Their plant manager had previously worked with a WW trucking client  and was very impressed with the PreWork Screens WW had developed for them and wished to replicate this service at Chippewa Sand Transport.   Doing the PreWork Screens has led to drug testing and pre-employment medical physicals for this company.

In summary, the purchase of and training in WW programs has been an investment that has contributed to the growth of St. Joseph’s Hospital and to the health of the Chippewa Falls community!  Hats off to St. Joseph’s!