“Our training in WorkWell Programs is the cornerstone for how we work with employers”

“Our training in WorkWell Programs is the cornerstone for how we work with employers”

WQP: Lou Rivera, PT
Company: Work Site Rehabilitation
Location: Lancaster, PA




Work Site Rehabilitation and Consultants, Lancaster, PA has been a WorkWell WQP Provider since 1998.  This Provider presently has five physical therapists trained in WorkWell Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE), Functional Job Analysis (FJA), Functional Job Description (FJD) and Prework Screen (PWS). They also have a physical therapist assistant trained in FJA and PWS.  When interviewed, Lou Rivera, PT shared that most of the referrals they receive for these services come from physicians, rehabilitation nurses, attorneys, and employers as well as from WorkWell (FCE and PWS referrals).  “Our best marketing seems to be good word of mouth and of course face to face meetings.  We meet regularly with local employers, physician groups, and nursing organizations.  We provide them with information on how WorkWell Programs have helped us positively impact employees and employers in our community”.

Work Site Rehabilitation provides on-site rehabilitation and uses WorkWell programs with five local employers: RR Donnelley, Pepperidge Farm, Woodstream, Inc., Kellogg’s and High Steel.  “These employers really like knowing that we use standardized WorkWell programs that provide functional, objective and accurate information”, states Lou.  “We are especially proud of the six year working relationship we have had with Kellogg’s, the largest cereal manufacturer in the world. Our partnership with the 800 employee Kellogg’s plant began in 2007, a year when they experienced 57 Total Recordable Injuries (TRI – Injuries that require treatment, but employee may be able to work with restrictions) and 17 Lost Time Injuries (LTI).   With the help of the WorkWell FJA, our therapists were able to help the Kellogg’s management identify modifications that could be made to the work, worker and worksite that would make the plant a safer and better place to work.  Understanding the essential functions and physical demands of the Kellogg’s jobs made it possible to design job specific safety training, suggest worksite changes and improve the work design.  Safety training was provided to management and employees and all efforts were made to see that employees’ physical abilities were a match to the demands of the jobs they needed to perform.”

It is the goal of Work Site Rehabilitation and Consultants that all of their employer clients develop a “safety first” culture.  “We are very happy and proud to report that in 2012, Kellogg’s Lancaster had 12 TRI and 4 LTI.  And, this year to date, they have had only 2 TRI and 1 LTI,” notes Lou.   “We are proud to say that our training in WorkWell Programs is the cornerstone for how we work with our employer clients and what has helped us all to be successful”.

Congratulations to Work Site Rehabilitation and Consultants, Lancaster, PA for a job well done!