WorkWell Programs Used by Highly Regarded Rehab Center

WorkWell Programs Used by Highly Regarded Rehab Center

WQP: Anne Byrne, PT
Company: Easter Seals Rehab Center
Location: Evansville, IN




When asked to identify the purchasers and the facilities that most commonly use WorkWell programs, the frequent responses would be the following:  private therapy practices, orthopedic out-patient clinics, hospitals, and occupational medicine centers.  But, as is the case with Easter Seals Rehab Center, Evansville, IN, some WorkWell Providers do not fit the norm.  These facilities often have a primary mission unrelated to providing work injury management services to their community.   Rather, they have purchased WorkWell programs primarily for the benefit of their employees and for use within their own facility.

Easter Seals Rehab Center, Evansville, IN is an out-patient Easter Seals facility primarily providing rehabilitation services to pediatric and adult clients who have long term disabilities. This care facility is very well known and highly regarded in the Evansville community for the services they provide.   According to Anne Byrne, PT who was trained in 2003 at Easter Seals Rehab Center in the WorkWell Functional Capacity Evaluation(FCE), Functional Job Analysis(FJA), Prework Screen(PWS) and Work Rehabilitation Programs, “At Easter Seals we have successfully utilized the WorkWell FJA to analyze our jobs, we’ve written functional job descriptions and have created and implemented job specific PWS for hiring purposes.   Our focus has been to utilize WorkWell training and programs internally at Easter Seals in order to hire job applicants whose abilities match the job demands and to assist in determining safe return to work following an absence.   We’ve done minimal marketing of WorkWell services to external referral sources.  In fact, we know that there is another WorkWell Provider in Evansville and there is plenty of work for us both!”

Along with the internal use of WorkWell programs, Anne reports that Easter Seals Rehab Center welcomes  referrals for FCEs and PWS from WorkWell and other referral sources.  “Most of the FCE referrals we get are for clients who are on long term disability.  Often the purpose for these referrals is to determine the client’s limitations and maximum functional abilities in order to assist the disability case managers in their decision making.”

Anne adds, “As a member of WQP (WorkWell Quality Providers), I continue to utilize the clinical support provided by the WorkWell clinical staff.  Even as I have become an experienced FCE Provider, there are still occasions I like to discuss unusual or challenging issues with the WorkWell therapists.”

WorkWell appreciates our partnership with Easter Seals Rehab Center and with their very professional and highly respected staff.  The utilization of WorkWell programs at Easter Seals demonstrates that these programs can have a positive impact when used internally in diverse clinical settings.

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