Our Provider Policy

Freedom to Choose:  WorkWell Prevention & Care’s Provider Policy

For 20 years, WorkWell has been a leader in musculoskeletal injury prevention services for thousands of employer sites nationwide. We have trained thousands of providers on our methodology to provide the highest quality services possible.

One of our core principles is doing what is best for the employers and the health and safety of their employees.  It’s a focal point for our mission and we live it every day.  Because that guides our mission, we believe:

If you decide to replace us with one of our competitors, you should be able to continue to use the same local providers to service you if you prefer. We do not restrict this freedom in any way unless it compromises our confidential information.

We want to earn your business based on our merits, not restrictions.  Our company mission is meeting your needs and a commitment to doing what’s right.

Please feel free to contact us on this important policy at 866-WWS-WORKS or network@workwell.com.