WorkWell Functional Job Analysis (FJA)

Title: WorkWell Functional Job Analysis (FJA)

Course Overview:
WorkWell’s Functional Job Analysis (FJA) is a comprehensive, structured process of identifying and evaluating the physical and functional aspects of work. Job analysis is the basis for matching workers abilities to job requirements in areas such as injury prevention, early intervention, ergonomics, gap analysis/rehabilitation goal setting, return to work decision making and vocational training/placement.  The WW FJA objectively quantifies, measures and describes the physical/functional components of the job, including the required tasks, movements, forces and postures to help develop and validate a resultant Functional Job Description report.

This 1-day training is designed to help clinicians improve knowledge and skills in evaluating physical/functional job demands and presenting the information to employers, healthcare providers and other stakeholders in a useful manner.  Lab sessions will include video job analysis and a site visit to help participants with skill development related to equipment use, workplace interactions and interviewing skills.  Resource materials include multi-format templates and examples to help participants’ organize/document data and present reports in a meaningful way.

General Information: Additional course information
Faculty: Biographies
(Blankespoor, Daley, Dunlap, Peterson, Webber, Yeager)

Intended Audience:  Licensed professionals ‐ Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist Assistant, Occupational Therapist Assistant, Athletic Trainer, Chiropractor, Occupational Health Nurse.  Certified/Registered Kinesiologist, Vocational Rehabilitation professionals, Exercise Physiologist or Case Manager.  Consideration of other health/safety personnel based on space and background.
Program Level (AOTA): Introductory, Intermediate
AOTA Classification Category:  2 – Occupational Therapy Process
Prerequisites: Participants are encouraged to read selected materials in the WorkWell FJA Clinic Manual prior to attending the training (there is not a test upon entry to the training). Individuals must be from sites with a WorkWell licensing agreement.
Delivery: Live, In-Person
Student Ratio:  10:1
General Teaching Method Overview:  Lecture, Video Case Study, Experiential Site Visit, Group Activities, Discussion
Informed Consent: Required
Duration:  1 day, 7.75 contact hours
Completion Requirements:  Attend all course sessions, class participation/engagement in learning activities including group activities