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The industry’s top-rated training program for physical and occupational therapy.
Over 10,000 providers trained!

Musculoskeletal wellness, injury prevention and management

For private practices and hospitals - large and small

Proven industry standard
10,000 therapists trained

It’s your time to shine … and grow your physical therapy (PT) and occupational therapy (OT) services. Interest in PT and OT is high, especially for onsite clinics and POET programs. What’s changed?

  • 5 generations in the workforce for the first time! Care can’t be one size fits all.
  • Creating personal experiences. Healthy and happy employees are critical in a tight labor market.
  • Focus on prevention. Getting ahead of injuries to reduce costs and claims.

Ready to grow? Expand use of your department? WorkWell’s Easy Train offers the fast path to get ready.

Easy Train – Get Ready Fast

Training online and in-person. Continuing education credits. Annual subscription.

Grow Revenue for your Hospital

New services to provide a 1 stop shop for employers who need prevention, therapy and medical services. Plus, injury prevention for your internal team. Cost savings to the hospital.

Grow Skills and Earn CEUs

Onsite services. Ergonomics. Work rehabilitation. Post offer employment testing. Functional job analysis/functional job descriptions. Functional capacity evaluation. Learn more.

Grow Revenue as a Private Practice

New services to diversify revenue. More reimbursements – cash-based services.

Standardize Your Services

Legally defensible methodology and standardized reporting. Consistent services. Strong ROI.

Use the WorkWell Advantage

Proven best practices for 30 years. ADA/EEOC compliant. Research/evidence based. Distinguished faculty. Learn more.

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