Provide Referrals, Get Rewards

To quote a famous line from a movie, help us help you.  When business grows, we both win.

Recommend a provider.

When a WorkWell Quality Provider (WQP) member refers another provider to WorkWell and the provider joins the WorkWell program, the referring provider receives $250 off their WQP renewal.

Recommend an employer.

When injuries or visits increase, that can be a sign that your current client may need more help.  Is there a teaching opportunity?  Do you need to take a course on a new area?  Do you need to call WorkWell?

If a WQP refers an employer to WorkWell, and the employer contracts with WorkWell for services, the referring provider receives dollars off their WQP renewal ($250 for Pre-Work Screening and $500 for On-Site) plus volume-based referral bonuses: $5 per PWS for 18 months and $5 per hour/on-site service for 18 months.

With one successful referral, the referring provider becomes a WorkWell Affinity Member and is eligible for special deals and offerings.

Ready for rewards?  Contact WorkWell today.